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By @its_that_1_guy “Another pic with the awesome @kleiovalentien plus some kitty kisses from Maggie! 😽 The East Coast won’t be the same without you love! 🗽😊” via @PhotoRepost_app

By @its_that_1_guy “Gunna miss you @kleiovalentien! Safe travels & best of luck in LA!! 😊✌✈💜” via @PhotoRepost_app

#tbt to when I had 3 jobs, bartending, vet tech, and HEB cashier when I first started doing adult work. Bartending was my favorite of them all and I always had a good time at work and made sure everyone else did as well. Someone even wrote how much they loved me on the wall. I even told my boss to go fuck his own face while I was closing my register because he said I was too drunk and my register was probably off. My register wasn’t off at all and I actually made the most sales and tips that night. #kleio #kleiovalentien #bartender #fun #bikerspaidformyboobs #banditosboughtmyboobs #drunkeverynight

Went to the park and met up with the @toplesspulp group to catch up on things going on in our life, read books, and get some sun on my skin. We had some guys who posted up in their chairs talking and watching us and even a painter who painted a pretty picture of us on the grass. #toplesspulp #kleiovalentien #kleio #freethenipple #NYC #equality #sun

So I dont have much in my refrigerator since I am moving soon but I did have eggs bacon and stuff to make doughnuts. So, Fuck yeah lunch! #homemade #domesticpornstar #fuckyeah #food #foodporn

Thank you @matt_harris for sending me pizza while I’m sick. You are so awesome. 🙌🍕🍕